Alsheich lights the menorah
Alsheich lights the menorah Western Wall Heritage Center

The lighting of the first candle of Hanukkah took place Sunday evening at the Western Wall, in the presence of the Police Commissioner Roni Alshich, Chief Rabbi of Israel Rabbi David Lau, the Rabbi of the Western Wall Shmuel Rabinovich, and the Director General of the Ministry of Religious Affairs Oded Flus.

The commissioner lit the first candle at the Western Wall plaza and said that "Hanukkah is the spiritual independence day of the Jewish people. Three years ago, at the opening of my term, I pointed out that historically, even after the Hasmonean victory there were still quarrels. I emphasized the history that repeats itself. Independence is a matter that must be maintained and preserved through the building of sovereignty, and it is precisely those knives and ancient weapons that penetrated and threatened to undermine Jewish independence, and then the guardians of the walls restored peace.

"The Israel Police, the Jerusalem District Police, and the Border Police, are the bulwarks against the wave of terror. Unfortunately, they paid with many of their lives, and others suffered serious injuries for the rest of their lives, but their self-sacrifice achieved results. And I am excited to see how this broad spectrum is full of people, how the people of Israel rely on the Israel Police," added the commissioner.

Rabbi David Lau, who lit the central candle in the prayer area, said that "the people of Israel made great efforts and found enough oil for one day, and the Holy One, blessed be He, made a miracle that it would light for eight days. We too will strive to be good and pray that the Lord will see our effort and let us see that we will soon see the great light in this holy place."