La Vie en Rose Art Gallery opening night
La Vie en Rose Art Gallery opening nightKevin Unger

Last week Steven Selig and his gallery co-director Levana Bouzaglou hosted the opening party of their magnificent new art gallery that at once welcomes visitors to an ambiance of calm simplicity while dazzling their vision with the brilliant and skillful application of color by the best artists on the Jewish scene today.

After 26 years in Baka, Selig's new business, La Vie en Rose Art Gallery and Picture Framing, has opened up in Arnona, just a block away from the United States Embassy. The event attracted people from the neighborhood as well as many of Steven's clients who are happy to continue with his picture framing expertise. Arutz Sheva was there to speak to the owners and enjoy the magnificent display.

La Vie en Rose Art Gallery
La Vie en Rose Art GalleryKevin Unger

"I don't want the gallery to be only for selling pictures," said Selig. "I want it to become a focal point for artists, writers, photographers, craftsmen, musicians to engage with other creative people and bring inspiration to each other and the wider art community. I've always believed that creative people need to interact with other creative people. We're going to have events to make this happen," he says.

They plan poetry evenings, painting evenings, exhibitions, and paint parties with Nina Brenner. "They did it during the Impressionist period; why not now? There's so much bad news; we need art more and more."

On offer are mixed media paintings by virtuoso artist Yoram Raanan, and also his signed prints. Paintings and Art Judaica of Jordana Klein and the unique style of artist and actress Maya Batash can be found at La Vie en Rose.

Yoram Raanan creation
Yoram Raanan creationKevin Unger

"Recently a small town in Taiwan was going to be destroyed for redevelopment," Selig continues. "A 96-year-old man with only the most basic art training started to paint colorful animals on the walls of people's homes. It started to attract tourists to the town and the town was saved from destruction. That's the power of color."

Also on show are the leather laces jewelry of Lee Ann Morse - Leather Laces by Lee Ann. "This art has a very unique style, each piece has its own character," explains Bouzaglou. "The art in the gallery transports you to another dimension of being," she says. "It's becoming like a home for artists & their art."

Selig views framing as an art form unto itself: "When it comes to the framing I don't compete with the picture. The framing is governed by the character and qualities of the picture. The whole thing should be viewed as a single unit, like a happily married couple!"

La Vie en Rose Art Gallery and Picture Framing is open Sunday to Thursday 10am until 6pm and Friday 10an until 1pm. It is located at Leib Yaffe 9, Arnona, Jerusalem.

Co-director Levana Bouzaglou (R) with Lee Ann Morse
Co-director Levana Bouzaglou (R) with Lee Ann MorseKevin Unger
Fine art on display
Fine art on displayKevin Unger
Judaica art on display
Judaica art on displayKevin Unger
Steven Selig (L) with visitors
Steven Selig (L) with visitorsKevin Unger
Magnificant art on display
Magnificant art on displayKevin Unger
Enjoying opening night
Enjoying opening nightKevin Unger
Opening night
Opening nightKevin Unger