Training camp complex
Training camp complex IDF Spokesman

IDF Negev Training Base Commander Colonel Avi Motola ordered signs saying Observe Shabbat and Holiday Decorum to be removed from all training base mess halls, reports Army Radio.

The signs read "Preserve Shabbat decorum; don't smoke, turn on/off lights and air conditioners, or talk on cell phones in the dining room on Shabbat and holidays."

The signs were placed by the military rabbinate in all training compound mess halls, serving about 10,000 soldiers.

The training center commander ordered the signs removed after a complaint submitted by a female soldier led him to check whether such standing orders exist.

The IDF Spokesman responds: "There is no current IDF order restricting cellular phone use in mess halls. The incident in question was reported by one of the soldiers to the commander of the Training Base, who treated it accordingly."