Spring near Jerusalem
Spring near JerusalemFlash 90

During the Hanukkah holiday the IDF will open some of its training grounds throughout the country for the benefit of holiday visitors.

The IDF continues to train during the holiday in some open fire areas, including training with live ammunition, and therefore visitors must act cautiously and in accordance with instructions to ensure they do not inadvertently enter IDF training grounds.

In addition, in accordance with the decision of Southern Area Commander Major-General Hertzi Halevi and in accordance with an IDF situation assessment, it was decided to open Highway 10 for traffic between the Azzuz area via the Har Karkum road until the 10th and 12th intersections during the holiday from 08:00 to 15:00.

"Israeli citizens must act cautiously and in accordance with directives to ensure they do not enter Area A in Judea and Samaria Area inadvertently, constituting a violation of the law in accordance with the order of the OC Central Command. Areas A are marked with red signs warning of life-threatening danger," the announcement said.

To coordinate entering Judea and Samaria trails and springs or to report any unusual incident, contact the local civilian security headquarters at telephone number 1208.