the phones and other items smuggled
the phones and other items smuggledpolice spokesperson

Border Police arrested an 18-year-old Palestinian Arab who illegally infiltrated into Israel, with eight mobile phones, five keyboards, 19 SIM cards and a memory card which were discovered at the entrance to Ofer Prison by the Israel Prison Service. It is believed that the suspect was attempting to smuggle the phones to terrorists in the prison.

According to the indictment filed against him, the young man infiltrated into Israel two weeks ago, near the Qalandiya crossing in northern Jerusalem. Border Police officers operating in the area noticed the suspect and arrested him for illegally staying in Israel carrying a 5.56 mm bullet.

After the interrogation, the defendant was sent to Ofer Prison, where a security check by the Israel Prison Service revealed that the suspect had hidden with him electronic equipment that he had tried to smuggle into prison.

After they managed to remove the equipment from his body, they found that he was talking about a large number of mobile phones he had tried to smuggle to security prisoners eight telephones, five keyboards for telephones, 19 SIM cards and a memory card were found.

About a month before his arrest, the Arab met with another person who suggested that he smuggle the phones, worth a total of NIS 20,000 ($5,400), into Ofer Prison