Jerusalem District Commander Yoram Halevi
Jerusalem District Commander Yoram Halevi Eliran Aharon

Incoming Israel Police Commisioner Moshe Edri allegedly blames Police General Yoram Halevy for a slew of damaging stories about him in the media that have threatened his nomination.

Edri had beaten out Halevi to replace retiring Police Commisioner Roni Alsheikh. Halevi, who commands the Jerusalem District, had been seen as the front-runner to suceed Alshiekh as Israel's top cop.

However, Edri has struggled to get confirmed by the Senior Appointments Commitee, a body that vetts all nominees to senior civil service positions. Edri has been besmirched by numerous allegations into his conduct, including accusations that he framed a cab driver who umbraided him for his reckless driving.

According to Maariv, Edri believes that the damaging rumors are being engineered by Halevy, who seeks to torpedo his candidacy and be appointed in Ederi's stead.

An Edri confidant told Maariv that "there are those who believe that if Chico's candidacy is disqualified, then Public Security Minister Gilad Erdan will decide on Halevi as his candidate for the post. People are going down so low and and it is not clear why."

The allegations were rejected by a senior police officer, who told the newspaper that Halevi was not involved in the anti-Edri campaign. "Each person has his motives. It has nothing to do with Halevi," said the officer.

The report came as Edri successfully passed a mandatory polygraph examination on Thursday. The results will now be transffered to the Senior Appointments Commitee, who will decide whether to approve Edri's nomination.

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