Deputy Minister Mazuz
Deputy Minister MazuzSpokesman

Deputy Environmental Protection Minister Yaron Mazuz (Likud) today offered a deal to the opposition after the absence of MK Robert Tibayev (Zionist Union) from yesterday's plenum and following MK Rachel Azaria's (Kulanu) deliberate vote against the coalition position.

"Take MK Azaria from Kulanu and let MK Tibayev leave the Zionist Union and join the coalition," Mazuz suggested following the week's events.

Robert Tibayev
Robert TibayevFlash 90

Deputy Minister Mazuz said, "It's inconceivable that a Knesset Member would come out against the coalition position time and time again. It happened earlier this week with the Cultural Loyalty Law, and it happened yesterday when she chose to vote against the coalition's position.

"On the other hand, MK Tibayev's abstention was forced on him. The man isn't interested in remaining part of the Zionist Union," added the Deputy Minister.

"I spoke to him earlier today, congratulated him on his steadfast stance against the despicable games of Yoel Hasson and Tzipi Livni and told him he was a real and honest person," Mazuz relates.