Tel Aviv Mayor Ron Huldai surprised onlookers by playing the tune of Yedid Nefesh on a recorder at the home of haredi Councilman Naftali Lobert.

Huldai was reelected after 62,000 votes were counted in the city, with Huldai receiving 45% of the vote. His deputy Asaf Zamir, who challenged Huldai for the mayoral position, won 35%.

Huldai told activists after his victory, "We'll continue to run the city, establish a good coalition, and do everything properly. I'm going back to work tomorrow."

The mayor then mocked journalists present and said, "I told you you didn't see any polls because there were none; you just created drama."

Huldai has not been perceived as friendly to haredi interests, once responding to a Supreme Court decision allowing stores to open in Tel Aviv on Shabbat by saying, "the city was secular and will remain secular... Just as the Bnei Brak municipality closes on Shabbat what is permitted in the rest of the country, it is right to respect the authority of the Tel Aviv municipality to establish the character of Shabbat in its streets."

Justice Minister Ayelet Shaked responded to an anti-religious Meretz campaign issue in Tel Aviv by wondering, "Religionization in Tel Aviv? Are you serious? Who exactly made this town haredi - Ron Huldai? His deputy Asaf Zamir?"