View of Yitzhar from below
View of Yitzhar from below Flash 90

A senior officer in the Civil Administration is critical of the assistance given by the Central Command to the town of Yitzhar in Samaria, because a marginal minority living in the outposts of the Yishuv rarely attacks the security forces.

The officer wrote a document asking to stop the permit to develop infrastructure for a kindergarten in Yitzhar and to stop guarding dangerous roads.

According to the report by Kan 11, the officer wrote that "Yitzhar can not be treated with double standards. It is inconceivable that the most senior IDF elements want to arrange and assist in blatant disregard of the actions of the residents of the outposts, which include harming the security forces."

Samaria Regional Council head Yossi Dagan demanded that the officer be fired immediately and that the residents of Yitzhar be supported. Officials in the Civil Administration are torpedoing the approval of security elements which could have prevented terrorist attacks in threatened settlements such as Itamar, and in the Barkan industrial zone before the attack, as well as narratives of the Palestinian Authority and radical left-wing organizations."

"This is an example of the evil in the civil administration," he said. "I call on the head of the Civil Administration to remove the clerk ... who acts like a politician and not as is required. This report is malicious and false. The Yitzhar leadership is leading the community in a good and positive direction, and this report has nothing but lies. "

Dagan added. "This is the total loss of control of the Civil Administration. While murderers with the blood of Israelis on their hands, the Civil Administration refrains from punishing the sources of terror out of statements that this is collective punishment, and now they want to create collective punishment for the Jews. The head of the Civil Administration and the deputy defense minister should call this clerk for a hearing before his dismissal."

The response of the Unit for Coordination of Government Activities in the Territories: "The Civil Administration is primarily responsible for maintaining security stability in Judea and Samaria while promoting the quality of life in the area. We will clarify that this is an internal document whose purpose is to reflect the situation and the security and civil sensitivity that exists in a certain area in the area to the Civil Administration."