MandelblitFlash 90

The State Prosecutor's Office submitted this evening a petition to the Supreme Court to postpone the Draft Law's expiration date for another four months, "following the resignation of the Defense Minister."

The decision to request an extension from the Supreme Court was made at a meeting of coalition leaders on Sunday, despite Attorney General Mandelblit's warning that chances of the request being accepted are low.

Prior to the original date when the existing law was supposed to expire, the State submitted an application to postpone the deadline until the end of the upcoming winter conference, in April 2019.

Last August, the judges received the State's request in a very partial manner, and allotted to the State a much shorter time than the amount requested to complete enactment of a new law.

In their decision, the Supreme Court justices wrote, "After we considered this matter, we decided to respond to the request in part and to postpone the annulment of chapter 3 of the Defense Services Law so that it will come into effect on December 2, instead of the date set forth in the judgment."