Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu will fly to Chad soon where he and Chad President Idriss Déby will announce the resumption of diplomatic relations.

Netanyahu and Chad President Deby met this morning, Tuesday, at the Prime Minister's Office in Jerusalem, where they discussed common threats and the fight against terrorism, as well as increasing bilateral cooperation in – inter alia – agriculture, counter-terrorism, border defense, technology, solar energy, water and health.

"I will go to Chad soon and will announce with Chad's President, Idris Deby, the renewal of relations between our two countries. A historic step. I will continue to strengthen Israel's international standing," Netanyahu announced on Facebook.

Yesterday, Déby declared that diplomatic relations with Israel would be formally renewed within a few weeks.

"I announced yesterday that we will renew the diplomatic relations between Chad and Israel and this will happen in the coming days or weeks," Déby said in an interview with the international news channel i24NEWS.

He added, "We came here this time with a precise plan, we've had no connection with Israel since 1972 and the goal was to renew this connection."

President Déby also said that if his country could help renew ties between Israel and Sudan, it would not hesitate. "The world is changing before our eyes, even the crises and wars we have known. We don't wish that for today's generation and not for future generations. Chad does not pretend to be the spokesman for Africa; Chad is only about to renew bilateral diplomatic ties but if we can help, we'll do it."

Sources close to the prime minister hope that the renewal of relations with Chad and thawing relations with Oman will help in attempts to establish diplomatic relations with other Muslim countries, including Bahrain and Sudan.