El Al Board of Directors Chairman Eli Dapas
El Al Board of Directors Chairman Eli DapasFlash 90

Last week's Shabbat flight debacle will cost El Al a sum of $450,000, equivalent to about NIS 1.7 million, according to News 2 calculations.

The company today issued a notice of clarification that included free tickets to a destination in Europe for the 400 passengers.

According to the calculation, the two Friday flights from Israel to Athens to pick up non-Sabbath-observant travelers cost El Al about $150,000 and another $60,000 for hosting religious passengers over the Sabbath.

The company lost another $100,000 on the special plane that brought the Shabbat-observant passengers back from Greece on Saturday night.

In addition, after the heavy threats of a haredi boycott that the company preferred to avoid, El Al decided to compensate passengers with a ticket to Europe, costing another $140,000.