MandelblitFlash 90

Attorney General Avihai Mandelblit said tonight he intends to issue a legal opinion that there is no legal concept of a Palestinian state.

"I intend to issue an opinion soon, according to which the International Court of Justice in the Hague has no authority to discuss the Israeli-Palestinian conflict because there is no Palestinian state," Mandelblit said in a conversation with students at Bar-Ilan University.

He also referred to investigations linked to the Prime Minister's name. Students asked the Attorney General if Netanyahu could continue his term of office if an indictment was brought against him, and Mandelblit replied, "It's too soon."

Mandelblit added, "As long as this evidence is liable to end up with a reasonable chance of conviction, there will be an indictment. The procedure will be conducted in an organized and professional manner. It's my profession, I know how to distinguish.

"I handle these cases with great public importance, invest in them great personal effort, and understand the importance and need to deal with them in the best and quickest way - and so we do all the time," said the State's legal advisor.

He also spoke about the criticism against the Military Advocate General. "I recently thought I'd also make a statement about the work of the Military Advocate General who was attacked. I think it'is important to emphasize his work is carried out in full cooperation with me and is intended to ensure the State of Israel operates according to rules of international law and laws of war. That's how democratic countries operate, even in the context of a war on terror."