Regev displays political cartoon
Regev displays political cartoonFlash 90

Culture Minister Miri Regev held a press conference this afternoon after it became clear the Cultural Loyalty Law will not be raised today in the Knesset plenum.

"I turned every stone in the Culture Ministry to bring about cultural justice," Regev said. "The Cinema Law has passed and gives more cultural expression to different parts of Israeli society," Regev said.

"The authority to deprive budgets from cultural institutions that violate the Nakba Law is only in the hands of Finance Minister Kahlon. For three-and-a-half years the Finance Minister evaded responsibility and chose not to deprive budgets from cultural institutions violating the Nakba Law," Regev added.

Regev continued to attack Kahlon: "He continued to allow funds to be channeled into budgets for plays and movies that glorify terrorists with blood on their hands.

"The law was launched with the support of Ministers Kahlon and Liberman, and now Liberman proved that he allows the terrorists to transfer budgets for their battle heritage, a heritage of terror."

Regev continued, "Liberman's loyalty is only to his ego and his word isn't a word."

Regev attacked the Finance Minister again, "Kahlon wants to topple the government from within the government. Kahlon is scared of two-and-a-half artists who might write something against him. Tell your public why you're scared, you are constantly trying to walk without feeling the people. That's not leadership.

"In fact, they're doing exactly what the New Israel Fund (NIF) wants. I'll continue to act in order for this law to be approved by the Knesset plenum. It will pass because it must pass," Regev said.

רגב: ליברמן וכחלון עובדים אצל הקרן החדשה