Lapid Flash 90

Yesh Atid Chairman Yair Lapid slammed Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu at the start of the weekly faction meeting Monday and claimed the prime minister is attempting to water down the Draft Law.

"Once again, they will give tens of millions of shekels to IDF evaders, at the expense of those who serve in the IDF and work and pay taxes," Lapid said. "It's a shady deal. This is what a shady deal looks like. We will not support a ' shady deal law.'"

Lapid sharply criticized the prime minister's conduct and the decision to request a third extension from the Supreme Court of the deadline to pass a new Draft Law.

"In six days' time the deadline set by the High Court of Justice to enact the draft law will have passed. The government again requested an extension. According to the custom, since the petition was ours, the High Court of Justice will turn to us to accept our position, and I want to spare them the tension: There will be no extension. there is no reason to extend it!

"The law that the IDF wrote and approved is an opportunity to reach a rare consensus. All that needs to happen is for the prime minister to promise that there will be no shady deals, and it is possible to pass the law in its current language."