Filling out lottery ticket
Filling out lottery ticketiStock

A 70-year-old Bat Yam resident, a married father and grandfather, won first prize in the Israel Lottery, taking in 22 million NIS ($5.94 million) in the Saturday night lottery draw. The man is a retiree who filled out a regular form of 14 columns for 40.60 NIS and won.

"For three years now, I have been putting down random, meaningless numbers. This morning, as usual, I went down to the booth to check the form and the stall owner told me to get to the winnings department at Mifal Hapayis because I had a big win," the winner said.

When asked what he'll do with the winnings, he said that the real estate industry had taught him to exercise caution when it comes to money. He will the take a lot of consideration with his winnings.

"I am very emotional and therefore need a few days to settle down. Afterwards I will invite my family and we'll light the first Hanukkah candle. Together with my wife, I will divide the "Hanukkah money" amongst the children to help them settle their mortgages that they are paying off."

It is customary for parents to give out money to the children during Hanukkah.

This year the first night falls out on Sunday, December 2, in the evening.