Items and documents found
Items and documents found Police Spokesperson

The Israeli police arrested 32 suspects, residents of eastern Jerusalem, all of whom possess Israeli identity cards.

Blue identity cards are issued to Israeli residents, as opposed to the green identity card issued to those under the Palestinian Authority (PA).

The detainees are suspected of working on behalf of the Palestinian Authority security apparatus. Under Section 7 of the Implementation Law, those living within the State of Israel are prohibited of recruiting and enlisting to the PA's armed police force.

Part of the activities attributed to the suspects who live among the residents of eastern Jerusalem directly affects the residents and their personal security.

All those detained were transferred for questioning to the Jerusalem District Central Command. Some of who will be brought to a hearing to extend their incarceration.

During a search of the suspects' homes, cash and foreign currency worth tens of thousands of shekels were found. Included in the find were documents of appointment by the PA police, various types of uniforms, ammunition, various military equipment as well as certificates, photographs and documents.

"The police will take a hard and uncompromising hand against Israeli residents and civilians acting in the name of the Palestinian Authority and other terrorist organizations in violence of the law, while violating the sovereignty, governance and security of the citizens of the State of Israel," Israel Police said in a statement.

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