In view of the Airbnb’s announcement about the company’s decision to remove rental ads for apartments in Judea and Samaria from the company's site, The European Jewish Association (EJA) Chairman and the pro-Israel lobby in Europe (EIPA) Founder, Rabbi Menachem Margolin addressed a harsh letter To the CEO of the company, Brian Chesky, demanding the cancellation of the decision that discriminates between Judea and Samaria and other areas of the world that are considered politically controversial, in which Airbnb does not live up to what it defined as "social responsibility."

In the letter, Rabbi Margolin notes that: "Airbnb pollutes the important value of" social responsibility "and makes it a hostage to BDS terrorism. In an examination we conducted yesterday, a day after your shameful announcement, the company under your direction is publishing properties in Gibraltar, Kashmir and even the Falkland Islands, and therefore I must ask why you decided to act only against Israel - the Jewish state? in your announcement you stated that as an industry leader, Airbnb must weigh its impact on the local population and act responsibly. Which brings the question - what is your attitude towards millions of Spaniards?

Rabbi Margolin emphasized: “In addition to the fact that you are preventing the livelihood of Palestinians employed in the maintenance of these apartments in Israel, your decision has no moral basis – only a surrender to BDS terrorism, and you are acting in complete contradiction to existing legislation in some European countries. Please note that If the decision will not change, we will act with all the legal and political means at our disposal to make it clear to you that surrendering to BDS terrorism is not economically worthwhile, "said Rabbi Margolin in his letter to the CEO of Airbnb.

Rabbi Margolin notes that in addition to the aggressive response to Airbnb, the pro-Israel lobby in the European Union (EIPA) is working to enlist senior officials in the European Parliament and the EU Commission to prevent the boycott and to support legal action as long as the shameful decision is not changed. "The MEPs we spoke with were staggered when we proved to them that, contrary to the sanctimonious claim of Airbnb, this is not a general moral step, but only a boycott of Judea and Samaria," said Rabbi Margolin.

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