Bennett and Shaked announcing Jewish Home will remain in coalition
Bennett and Shaked announcing Jewish Home will remain in coalition Esti Dazibov/TPS

MK Moti Yogev (Jewish Home) revealed in an interview with Arutz Sheva his mixed feelings in light of the initial desire for his party to quit the coalition, on the one hand, coupled with the desire to stay in the coalition - which the leaders of Jewish Home ultimately acted upon out of what he said were the “good and correct considerations for the Jewish people.”

In his opinion, Bennett's latest moves, both when he demanded the defense portfolio and when he decided to remain in the government, stemmed from national responsibility.

When asked whether the zigzag his party had taken would harm it in the eyes of voters, he estimated that most of the Israeli public in general, and voters for the Jewish Home in particular, appreciate the move taken by the party.

Yogev, however, believes that maintaining a 61-seat government is a very difficult task that will be tested in the coming period. In his opinion, the prime minister will have to give up one of the portfolios he holds - defense, foreign affairs or health - in light of the complex challenges that require his full attention and consideration.

He also referred to the security challenge that the prime minister spoke about, and noted that he does not disparage Netanyahu's remarks, although it is not correct to address the matters in the media.

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