Modi'in Ilit
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The Central Bureau of Statistics (CBS) published data on the number of children in Israel. According to th CBS report, Modi'in Ilit is the city with the highest percentage of children.

The data show that in urban localities the percentage of children (32.7%) is lower than that in rural localities (37.1%).

Modi'in Illit is the urban population with the highest percentage of children with 64.4%; Beitar Illit is second with 61.5% and Elad is third with 59.2%. On the other hand, Kiryat Yam has the lowest percentage of children in the country with 20.9%.

Mahane Yatir is the rural township with the highest percentage of children with 67.9%, while the township of Ahva has the lowest percentage with just 4.3%.

In Jerusalem, the relative share of children in the population is close to 40%; In Haifa and Tel Aviv-Yafo the children constitute about one-fifth of the city's population (23% and 21%, respectively).

The number of children below the age of 17 per household was 2.46 on the national level.

In the large cities (with more than 100,000 residents), the highest percentage of children was in Beit Shemesh (52.1%), followed by Bnei Brak (47.4%) and Jerusalem (39.4%). In the other large cities, the percentage of children was lower than the national level (33%). The lowest percentage of children in large cities was in Tel Aviv-Yafo and in Bat Yam - 21.0%.

At the end of 2017 there were 2.908 million children in Israel, constituting 33.1% of the country's population. 2,086 million were Jewish children (71.8%), 728,000 were Arab children (25.0%) and 94,000 were children (3.2%), who were classified as belonging to other groups.