Regev in Sderot
Regev in Sderot Eli Savti

Culture and Sports Minister Miri Regev accused Meretz leader MK Tamar Zandberg of lying Tuesday after Zandberg claimed that "Miri Regev went on a shopping tour while the south is being attacked while Meretz members toured Sderot."

Regev responded: "From the morning until an hour ago I was in the Gaza envelope, and now I'm in the Knesset, I visited the mall on Friday with my daughter, and as far as the sensitivity and accuracy of the facts are concerned, you have a lot more to learn."

Zanberg made the statement after a shopping mall in Petach Tikva sent out a press release boasting about having been visited by Minister Regev and her daughter. However, the visit occurred on Friday, and not during the last 24 hours when terrorists in the Gaza Strip have launched about 400 rockets at southern Israel.

Earlier in the day, the Meretz party leaders came to show solidarity with the residents of Sderot following the rocket fire, but received a cold shoulder from the residents over the left-wing party's perceived softness on the Hamas terrorist organization behind the attacks.

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