An IDF soldier wounded by an anti-tank missile launched by Hamas terrorists is being hospitalized at Soroka Hospital in Be’er Sheva. His condition is defined as serious.

The mother of the soldier told Hahadashot on Tuesday how she received the news that her eldest son had been wounded. "All that time I did not know that the wounded person was my son," she said.

"When I got home, I saw soldiers and my husband, and the moment they told me, I demanded to see him. The trip from Gan Yavneh to Soroka was longest trip of my life. It was a nightmare.”

The soldier underwent two major operations to stabilize his condition. He is still hospitalized in the intensive care unit. His mother addresses the public: "I ask you to pray for the wellbeing of my son, that he should open his eyes. I hope that this evening it will happen."

Last night, Hamas published a recording of the launch of the anti-tank missile towards a bus in the Gaza vicinity, as a result of which the soldier was seriously wounded. Just minutes before the strike dozens of soldiers had gotten off the bus.

The severe incident took place around 4:30 pm. The missile was shot at the bus as a group of soldiers stood nearby and heard a briefing The seriously-wounded soldier had been standing outside the bus and was hit by shrapnel.