MK Shelly Yachimovich
MK Shelly YachimovichFlash 90

Elite special forces officer, Lt. Col. M. took part in a mission deep in Gaza Sunday night, that resulted in his death and another officer being moderately wounded. A few hours later, MK Yachimovich took advantage of the fallen officer's death to condemn legislation passed by the Knesset earlier this year.

The Nationality Law, which was passed this July, codifies into law Israel's status as the nation-state of the Jewish people, setting Hebrew as the sole official language, with Arabic getting special standing. The law was passed with the backing of the Netanyahu government, but drew criticism from opponents both in Israel and abroad.

On Monday, Yachimovich reiterated her opposition to the law, linking it to the death of 41-year-old IDF lieutenant colonel "M" (whose identity has not been cleared for publication) during a battle with Hamas terrorists Sunday night.

“His [Lt. Col. M] name may never be published, but it can be said with great pain, that his death in battle brings up even more the horrifyingly, racist and despicable law that states that citizens like M., who are not Jews, are second-class citizens. We join his family in heavy mourning, with sore heart, may his memory be blessed," Yachimovich tweeted.

Her words drew many reactions including outrage and sharp criticism. One accusing the Knesset Member of "dancing" on the soldier's "blood".

Nir Elkabetz wrote, “Aside from the fact that its shameful that Yachimovich dances on the blood and tries to politicize the death of an officer, those who keep the deepest secrets of Israel cannot be second-class. You should be shamed, Shelly.”

“Especially repulsive to dance on [his] blood," wrote Nehemia Gershuni-Ayalahu. "No, there is no law that makes anyone second class. You should be ashamed of yourself.”

“Don’t forget to wipe your feet at the entrance to the Knesset from the blood you danced on," wrote Yehonatan Kellerman.

There were many similar comments to her post.

The MK has not retracted her post.