Barcelona Flash90

Israel is set to participate in the Smart City Expo World Congress 2018 for the third time this year.

The event, which will be held in the Barcelona Convention Center from November 13-15, will feature exhibits from over 700 cities and 120 countries from around the world.

The Israeli delegation will be led by Social Equality Minister Gila Gamliel, and will include Haim Bibas, Mayor of Modi'in and Head of the Union of Local Authorities, representatives from 40 local authorities, including dozens of mayors, CEOs, academics, representatives of 30 Israeli start-ups and companies operating in Israel. Including the Israel Export Institute, the Tel Aviv Municipality, the Ramat Gan Municipality, the Ashdod Municipality and the pavilions of dozens of Israeli companies, as well as the pavilion of a leading company that will participate in the conference.

Among the many Israeli companies that will be exhibiting are: Agent Video Intelligence, Breezometer, Capital Nature, Carbyne, Celeno, Moovit, Octopus Systems, Ofek Aerial Photography, ParKam, Roadix, Shield IOT, Skyline, Solview, Tondo, TruckNet, Urban Digital, which will be displayed at the booth of the Export Institute. Cellcom, Check Point, CT-Zone, Dorldor, Electra and Hopon, who will present the Motorola Solution at the booth of the Ramat Gan Municipality, together with Bar-Ilan University and Elta, which will present In the Ashdod Municipality booth.

Minister Gamliel stated: "The digital world offers us a huge array of opportunities, and the game is a zero-sum game - a nation that will know how to harness technology, advance and lead a nation that will not be left behind. The rationale behind turning cities of Israel into smart cities is to enable all citizens of Israel to enjoy accessible services, equal opportunities and economic growth for the benefit of society as a whole."