Jason Greenblatt
Jason Greenblatt Reuters

US envoy Jason Greenblatt said at a closed-door event in London on Wednesday that the US will “soon” announce President Trump's peace plan, Channel 10 reported, citing officials attending the event, organized by the UK Association for the Wellbeing of Israel’s Soldiers.

Greenblatt was in London after meeting with Prime Minister Netanyahu in Jerusalem on Sunday. He tweeted that he had “discussed important topics including the situation in Gaza and regional developments” during the meeting with the prime minister.

President Trump said during his meeting with Prime Minister Netanyahu at the end of September that the administration would present his peace plan within two to four months. This means that the peace plan may be presented as early as the beginning of December. According to Channel 10, senior US officials declined to give details of the expected date of the program's publication and only emphasized that the White House peace team was continuing to work on how to launch the plan.

"Neither side will like all that is written in the peace plan and there will be a need to compromise," Greenblatt reportedly said at the closed event. "But we are certain that if both sides agree to enter into negotiations, they will understand why we reached the conclusions that will be presented in the peace plan."

Greenblatt also reportedly emphasized, "Before you form an opinion about Trump's peace plan, read it from beginning to end."

"Don't listen to rumors about the plan."

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