European Jewish Association (EJA) Chairman and Founder Rabbi Menachem Margolin spoke to Arutz Sheva during the EJA annual conference in Brussels.

“For the last few months, many Jews have been asking themselves whether there is a future for European Jewry,” he said. “Many people feel fear. Many people fear that perhaps Europe is not the same Europe that they’re used to.”

The purpose of the conference, explained Rabbi Margolin, is “to gather all the leaders of Jewish communities from across the continent and to give them the possibility to share their concerns and to try to find together what are the ways that we can ensure our future in this continent.”

He noted that the majority of the members of the European Parliament are neutral regarding Jews and added, “It is our obligation to ensure that the silent majority will follow the good side and not the negative.”

Asked what his message is to American Jewry following the recent massacre in Pittsburgh, Rabbi Margolin replied, “I have the confidence that the situation in America won’t be as it is in Europe, since the government in America is clearly committed to fight against anti-Semitism. As long as the government is committed to fighting anti-Semitism, the Jewish people will be able to continue to live proudly in freedom and security.”