scene of incident
scene of incidentMDA

A man around 30-years-old was killed this afternoon after a car explosion in central Israel, near the Hof Hasharon interchange heading north on the Coastal Highway, Route 2.

Two other people in their thirties were moderately and lightly injured, treated by Magen David Adom teams and evacuated to the hospital.

An initial investigation indicates that the explosion occurred while the vehicle was driving. The vehicle then came to a halt after a few dozen meters. Police are investigating whether the incident was a targeted killing of criminal background.

"When we arrived, we saw a 30-year-old man trapped inside the car, unconscious, with severe systemic damage. He had no pulse and was not breathing. We performed medical tests and soon had to determine his death,” MDA medic Idan said.

Two other men, about 30-years-old, were walking around outside the car, suffering from injuries and burns. We gave them first-aid treatment and evacuated them to the hospital. The condition of one of them was moderate and the other light.”