Shkolim Sisters
Shkolim Sisters צילום:Yaakov Aryeh

Three young Bnei Brak girls have been forced to fend for themselves after a tragic series of events robbed them of their parents.

For ten years, Sara* Shkolim of Bnei Brak raised her children single-handedly. Their father chose not to be involved. It was a tight-knit family, with a special bond between the mother and her girls. That all came crashing down earlier this year, when Sara was diagnosed with cancer.

She recently passed away, leaving behind a married daughter, and three at home. The three young girls left behind are now without any parents, and struggling to adapt. They are living in a painful state of poverty and loss.

Their situation was reported to tzedaka organization Kupat Ha’Ir, where a fund was opened in their name. Chani, the eldest in the house, has made the difficult decision to go public with their suffering.

Money collected via the fund will go toward school supplies, basic clothing, medical insurance fees, and all of the other baseline expenses which might be provided to a teenage girl by her parents.

“Some kids have parents, but we only have each other,” writes Chani. “… [A]nd you, if you can help us.”



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