Traffic (illustrative)
Traffic (illustrative)Flash90

The residents of Binyamin spend every morning on the way to Jerusalem and every evening back from Jerusalem to the communities north of the capital in heavy traffic jams and, despite the work to expand and improve the road, the problem of traffic jams is far from being solved.

The head of the Beit El council, Shai Alon, left early Tuesday morning for the traffic circle near the Israeli town of Adam to direct the movement of Palestinian Authority vehicles into the road.

He said that the army's conduct, that makes it difficult for the residents of Ramallah to leave through the Qalandiya checkpoint, leads many of them to choose the long route via the Ramallah bypass road, causing traffic jams to the residents of Binyamin.

In the video taken by Alon this morning, it can be seen that in the morning there is very heavy traffic from Ramallah to the Ramallah bypass road which creates traffic jams. Within a few minutes, after the army had routed traffic from Ramallah to other directions, the traffic jam was released and Binyamin residents were able to travel smoothly until they entered Jerusalem.

Alon says that this is a new type of terrorism: "If the terror was in the past with rocks, today the terror is in the number of vehicles. The Palestinian Authority has lowered the taxes on the purchase of cars, so everyone can buy a car and all the roads are crowded. These roads are unable to accommodate the level of traffic.”

"The very clear solution is that they have to pass through the Qalandiya checkpoint and not Hizma, and then the residents of Beit El and Binyamin will be able to arrive within half an hour, not within two hours.”

Alon detailed the next steps he intends to take and announced that "From Sunday, the council offices are moving to the Hizma checkpoint until a complete solution is reached."

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