Last night, (Sunday) at the star-studded annual Justice Louis D. Brandeis Award Dinner of the ZOA in the Marriot Marquis, NYC, ZOA President, Morton Klein speaks with passion about what sets ZOA apart as an advocacy organization, the mission going forward, and his feelings about President Trump while interviewing with Arutz Sheva's Dr. Joe Frager.

"Here you find the most fervently pro-Israel people in America come to this dinner to show their respect for the work that ZOA does. We are still the only organization that publicly fights against the danger of the terrorist dictatorship of Mahmound Abbas against the State, supporting the Jews of Judea and Sumeria" "AIPAC supports a Palastinian state, AIPAC does not support the right of Jews to live in Judea and Sumeria and people have to know this."

Regarding the attack in Pittsburgh, Klein responded, "Jews have been hated for thousands of years. This evil hatred of Jews, which makes no sense, is the longest and most irrational hatred on the face of the earth." "What's really horrifying is that Jews and others have blamed the most pro-Israel President in history, Donald Trump, for this nightmare and I'm going to talk about that tonight and defend Donald Trump."

Trump and Netanyahu meet at UN General Assembly in New York
Trump and Netanyahu meet at UN General Assembly in New YorkReuters