Last night, (Sunday) at the annual the Zionist Organization of America's Justice Louis D. Brandeis Award Dinner in the Marriot Marquis, NYC, Ambassador Danon spoke out against the rising wave of antisemitism and detailed the steps required to stem the tide while interviewing with Arutz Sheva's Dr. Joe Frager.

"We have to take action against antisemitism. Antisemitsism is on the rise everywhere; not just in Europe, but here in the US. I think we should do three things. First; clear condemnation. We heard that from the President, we heard that from Ambassador Haley and we are grateful for that. The second issue is to discuss the issue of security in synagogues. I know some people don't like to speak about it but unfortunately, it is a reality we are facing. The third issue is monitoring the social media of potential terrorists""

Ambassador Danon also voiced sentiments about outgoing UN Ambassador of the US, Nikki Haley. "Ambassador Haley is a real friend of the State of Israel" "I'm sure we will see her in different positions supporting the State of Israel and we are grateful for an amazing two years in which we changed the UN together"

When asked as to his thoughts regarding the settlements, the ambassador replied enthusiastically. "We maintain our love for the people and the communities. We just celebrated Shabbat Chayei Sarah (in Hebron). This is the essences of Judaism". Ambassador Danon recalled that he has been bringing over groups of UN Ambassadors to see Judea and Samaria for their own eyes. "I took a delegation of 40 UN Ambassadors, in April, and we went to Ma'ale Adumim. They thought they would we a small settlement with two tent and they saw a beautiful city."

Danny Danon
Danny Danon Arutz Sheva

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