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Rabbi Yigal Levinstein, one of the heads of the Eli pre-military academy, sent a letter to coalition chairman MK David Amsalem of the Likud, seeking to strengthen the coalition's position against surrogacy for male couples.

In the letter, the rabbi addresses MK Itzik Shmuli who advanced the law: "MK Itzik Shmuli, look the Jewish People in the eyes, look well into the soul of the Jewish People; How could you even think of asking the people of the Bible, the nation that brought the morality of the prophets to the world, that sees in single-gender families a moral aberration, to respond to your immoral and unjust demands?"

Rabbi Levinstein says "a single-gender family is not a family... It is deviance and a moral aberration... Only a world that's lost truth and meaning can allow same-gender couples - and to yet fulfill their demands to bring a child by using another woman to solve their disquietude.

"Is it permissible to trample morality and justice for women in order to be a father? Is it moral to bring a child into abnormal parenting, to parenting without knowing who the mother is, and to grow up without a mother? And does a man's distress justify making the child miserable? To bring him into a world where it's decreed that he will never know his mother? This is not morality but cruelty that stems from selfishness.

"The ideal and moral family unit is one with a father and mother. That's the crown jewel of the Jewish People. Unfortunately, the post-modern world is trying to uproot in every way the pure and holy ideal of a 'Faithful Home in Israel'. We praise the coalition and all those who don't allow destruction to the normal family unit in the name of emotional manipulation."

Rabbi Yigal Levenstein
Rabbi Yigal Levenstein Bnei David Site


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