Voting at the ballot box
Voting at the ballot boxUri Lenz/Flash 90

The Tel Aviv Election Committee is demanding that IDF vote again in Tel Aviv's municipal elections after someone threw envelopes with double ballots on the table where the soldiers' votes were being counted.

Tel Aviv Mayor Ron Huldai had cruised to an easy victory in Tuesday's elections. IDF soldiers commonly vote at their military bases and their ballots are counted separately. Citizens vote in Israel by inserting a candidate's slip into an envelope and then putting the envelope in a sealed box.

The Interior Ministry said that the municipal elections committee is unauthorized to order a revote among troops and opposes the idea. The issue is under legal review.

The incident took place during the counting of the soldiers' 4,5000 ballots in Tel Aviv. An observer who was in the area tried to insert 18 unmarked envelopes into the ballot box.

According to suspicions, the perpetrator is active in the religious faction "Ma'aminim", which said that is had no connection with the incident.

"Upon hearing of the incident, the chairman of the Ma'aminim faction, Haim Goren, approached the Elections Committee demanding that it open an immediate examination with the Israel Police," said the party. "If the suspicions are true, this is a very unusual and criminal case."