Israeli F-16I
Israeli F-16IIDF spokesperson

Disaster was narrowly averted at an Israel Air Force base in southern Israel Thursday, when an IAF F-16I fighter jet suffered a technical malfunction during landing.

The incident occurred while the F-16I was landing following a training flight. After the aircraft had touched down on the runway, its landing brakes failed to activate, leaving the pilot unable to stop the plane’s forward movement.

As the plane moved out of control on the tarmac, the pilot managed to steer the F-16I away from ground crews and other aircraft, pulling the plane over to a ditch beyond the runway.

No injuries were reported in the incident, though the plane suffered damage to its forward section.

The IAF has opened an investigation into the incident, and said the plane is expected to be repaired and returned to service in the near future.

“After landing following a training flight and while it was taxiing on the runway, a fighter jet suffered a malfunction with its brakes,” and IDF spokesperson said.

“The [two member] flight crew was not injured, and the plane suffered only light damage. The accident is being investigated by a team of technicians.”