Workers count votes for Municipal Elections
Workers count votes for Municipal ElectionsFlash 90

The Interior Ministry reports having completed counting votes of all local authorities, and is now completing counting votes of soldiers and prisoners that began last night and will last until night.

The Ministry emphasizes that the election campaign - the vote and the counting - "has been ongoing since the opening of the polls in a proper and democratic manner" - from Tuesday until now.

According to the Ministry, some 60 percent (almost 4 million) of the voters "exercised their democratic right" and voted in the largest election campaign ever held in Israel. The final figure will be reported to the public at the end of the double counting.

A malfunction discovered in the public reporting system mapping the vote count led to a temporary crash and will return to the open network in coming hours.

However, the Interior Ministry stresses that "the problem with the graphics system is unrelated to the election campaign and the votes counted, and had no effect on the process. We emphasize that these are two separate systems. The Interior Ministry maintains a democratic and professional process all along the way, and will work to correct the technical fault so that all the residents can enjoy the true data of the election results."

This week irregularities were reported in a Jerusalem polling station, after would-be voters arrived to their polling station only to find someone had already voted in their name.