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Border Police are preparing to equip thousands of fighters with tactical gloves against knife attacks, Itzik Saban reported in the Israel Hayom newspaper.

The glove was developed by the Border Police and the Agilite company, which won the tender, in light of the lessons learned from terrorist attacks, in which fighters are often forced to fight face to face with the terrorists, and was produced by the American company Mechanix, which leads the world's tactical glove market.

According to the report, the glove was chosen after extensive work and experimentation carried out in cooperation with the top units of the Border Police after the units examined various models. The gloves were designed according to the requirements of the Border Police, with one finger revealed for optimal use of a gun.

They meet the strictest standards for protection from stabbing and slitting. The gloves are to be purchased in large quantities, which will equip thousands of Border Policemen serving in dangerous areas.

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