Illegal infiltrators in southern Tel Aviv
Illegal infiltrators in southern Tel Aviv Nicky Kelvin/Flash 90

Shefi Paz, an activist on behalf of the residents of southern Tel Aviv, is upset with the right for not running a Tel Aviv mayoral candidate. "I have harsh words for the right, which didn't run a candidate for mayor. The Likud has abandoned us and unfortunately this is what is happening with the right wing all the time, they are not fighting.”

“They should have run a candidate even if he would get only 10 percent, so the next time it would be 20 percent, but give us an option. The candidates who are running today for mayor, each candidate is worse than the other. I will put in a yellow ballot and write on it ‘the president of Eritrea,’ because he’s leading the city. I am angry at the right for abandoning us and not giving us an option for whom to vote. All the candidates today are talking about the fact that they need to help infiltrators stay in the community in southern Tel Aviv. They do not talk about northern Tel Aviv."

Shefi Paz told Arutz Sheva, surprisingly, that some of the infiltrators have the right to vote. "There are 1,400 Darfurians with visas who have the right to vote, and another 6,000 infiltrators are parents of children born here who have status, and if they all vote they have at least a mandate. They will apparently vote for the slate of Assaf Harel, which is the one they are connected to."

Paz hopes that the people of southern Tel Aviv and the supporters of their struggle will help them increase their power in the city council. "We have the southern city faction and we work hard with all the neighborhood activists and hope to increase our strength from one representative to three representatives on the city council. There is all sorts of dirty business in the elections - our posters were taken down and a bunch of our things were destroyed. I hope that whoever supports us will give us a tailwind and we will be able to increase our strength."

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