Roman Zadarov
Roman Zadarov Gili Yohanan, POOL | Flash 90

Israel Bar Association Criminal Affairs Committee Chairman and criminal defense lawyer Attorney Eyal Besserglik calls on the State Prosecutor's Office to examine the new findings in the case of Roman Zadorov and not be involved solely in attempts to defend the conviction.

"As a criminal defense attorney for fourteen-and-a-half years, I've been looking at one thing, and ultimately there's been a decision in several courts. There's no doubt that Roman Zadorov knew the details of what was supposed to be involved in the murder," Besserglik told Arutz Sheva.

He says there is still a long way to go until Zadorov's acquittal, but there is a change in the way of thinking here. "This view, in my humble opinion, can certainly serve as evidence that will enable a retrial," he said, adding that "all the tests must be done before that, and to examine the significance of the same test taken for the other suspects.

"However, from here to acquittal, there is more distance, and this must be passed. I think at the moment, the State Prosecutor's Office is busy mainly with self-promotion efforts. I'd prefer the State Attorney's Office examine the new evidence, and instead of becoming fixated, let the pathological institute finish its tests and then bring in experts to examine the evidence. I'd like an objective decision to be made by the State Prosecutor's Office," concludes Besserglik.

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