Israeli flag burned in Ramallah
Israeli flag burned in RamallahIssam Rimawi/Flash 90

Salim al-Zanoun, chairman of the Palestinian National Council (PNC) which is the parliament of the Palestine Liberation Organization (PLO), on Sunday praised the path of “resistance” against Israel over the years.

Speaking at the PLO Central Council meeting in Ramallah, Zanoun said that the resistance and steadfastness of the Palestinians over the past 100 years have taught that the Palestinian people and their leadership are capable of coping with the challenges and the price involved.

Zanoun added that the entire Palestinian people, women, children, young and old, would not surrender or sell the Palestinian rights for money (a hint to the US peace plan) and would continue to cling to their land out of loyalty to the “shaheeds” (martyrs -ed.) and the sacrifice of the prisoners and the wounded.

He added that the PLO Central Council must protect the Palestinian people's supreme interests in its resolutions, preserve its basic principles, including self-determination, the “right of return” and the establishment of an independent Palestinian state with Jerusalem as its capital.

Zanoun also called to defend the territorial and political unity of “Palestine” and to thwart attempts to separate Judea and Samaria from the Gaza Strip and to establish autonomous rule in Judea and Samaria.