IDF tank near Gaza border
IDF tank near Gaza borderFlash 90

London-based newspaper Al-Hayat has reported that Israel and Hamas have reached "understandings" through the mediation of an Egyptian delegation, regarding the easing of the blockade of Gaza.

The Egyptians reportedly told Hamas it must cease terror activity.

In return, Israel agreed to expand Gaza's fishing zone, continue to supply Gaza with fuel and augment its supply of electricity.

Hamas leader Ismail Haniyeh said two weeks ago that the terror group is still working with Egypt and the UN in order to reach a possible ceasefire arrangement.

"We are working with a number of parties, including Egypt, Qatar and the United Nations, to reach understandings in order to break the blockade," Haniyeh said in a video message to an Islamic conference in Istanbul, Turkey.

"It is possible to reach the kind of understandings that would lead to quiet in exchange for the lifting of the blockade,” he emphasized, adding that “the quiet does not have to come at a political price or at the expense of the intra-Palestinian reconciliation.”

Meanwhile, Ramallah-based PA chief Mahmoud Abbas said last week that reconciliation with Hamas “does not mean a truce, ceasefire, or humanitarian assistance. Reconciliation means that unity should be reinstated. There is no state in Gaza and an autonomy in the West Bank, and we will not accept this. We will never accept the separation of Gaza [from the West Bank].”