Fauda actors
Fauda actors Ohad Romano

Media giant CBS has announced that it will partner with Israel's Public Broadcasting Corporation to create a thriller that will star actors from the award-winning series 'Fauda'.

Like 'Fauda', the ten-part series District Y will focus on the Israeli Arab conflict. Set to premiere next year, the show revolves around the murder of a 17-year-old Israeli girl murdered in the mixed Jewish and Arab city of Jaffa and an elite police unit probing the case.

The decision by CBS marks the first time a foreign media giant has decided to buy an Israeli series before it premieres.

Israeli television dramas have been becoming increasingly popular to western audiences. Earlier this month, Netflix announced that it will stream the new hit Israeli television series “When Heroes Fly".

The first season of the Keshet network’s series, a total of 10 episodes, will be available to Netflix subscribers around the world early next year in its original Hebrew with subtitles, according to the Hollywood Reporter.

The series tells the story of four friends who served together in the IDF's Golani Brigade - Tomer Kapon, Nadav Nates, Michael Aloni, and Moshe Ashkenazi - who broke off contact following a traumatic event during the Second Lebanon War.

The friends begin searching in Colombia for Yaeli (Ninet Tayeb), who was declared dead twelve years ago. Yaeli was Aviv's (Tomer Kapon) girlfriend and Dovi (Naav Nates') sister. The journey to save her opens old wounds, and each of the friends is forced to deal with his own personal devils. Their journey questions the meaning of friendship, sacrifice, and love.