Israel's elite Shayetet 13 naval commandos practiced taking over a ship that was hijacked by terrorists on Thursday.

The exercise took place in the Northern arena, during the exercise naval forces simulated taking over and freeing a civilian vessel that had been hijacked by a simulated terrorist organization.

During the exercise, commandos practiced taking over the vessel, neutralizing the terrorists, and released the 'hostages'.

Shayetet 13 is an elite IDF commando unit, whose members must undergo a long and punishing training course in order to be admitted into its ranks. This exercise is part of the annual training program of the Israeli Navy and is essential for maintaining the Navy's capabilities, given the various threats the IDF faces.

The Navy's Training and Instruction Division Commander, Colonel Ronen Hajaj, said that "the Navy, as a central element in ensuring Israel's security, bears responsibility for ensuring the citizen's safety in the Mediterranean. In order to optimize our skills to fight against terror organizations seeking to harm us, our forces are engaged in challenging training. That is what we did in this complex exercise, and that’s how we intend to keep doing whenever required.”