IDF aircraft attacked eight terrorist targets in three military compounds belonging to the Hamas terrorist organization in Gaza overnight Wednesday.

According to the IDF Spokesperson's Unit, among the targets struck by the IDF is a military compound in the northern Gaza Strip, a training facility and a munition manufacturing and storage site in the southern Gaza Strip.

“The Hamas terror organization is responsible for all events transpiring in the Gaza Strip and emanating from it, and will bear the consequences for the terror it has waged against Israeli civilians,” said the IDF Spokesperson’s Unit in a statement.

“The IDF is prepared for a wide range of scenarios and is determined to fulfill its mission of protecting Israeli civilians,” it added.

On Wednesday evening at around 11:15 p.m., a rocket was fired from Gaza at the Eshkol Regional Council in the Gaza envelope.

The IDF's Iron Dome aerial defense system launched one interceptor towards the projectile, but the rocket was not intercepted and exploded in an open area.

No physical injuries or damages were reported.

Earlier on Wednesday, the Israel Air Force attacked a Hamas post in Gaza. The IDF said it had identified a terror squad launching incendiary balloons at Israel from the site.

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