Halhoul (archive)
Halhoul (archive) Nati Shohat/FLASH90

The Israeli military on Wednesday reported that an investigation into an apparent terrorist shooting attack north of Hevron Tuesday evening found that no shots were fired towards IDF soldiers..

An IDF spokesperson reported in a statement Wednesday morning that the initial army investigation into the alleged shooting at a group of Israeli soldiers Tuesday found no evidence that any attack had in fact taken place.

It was initially reported that terrorists operating near the Palestinian Authority-controlled town of Halhoul [Halhul] north of Hevron had opened fire on a group of Israeli soldiers.

After army investigators opened a probe into the alleged shooting, however, it was found that no shots had been fired at the IDF unit.

“Following the report regarding the attempted shooting attack yesterday in Halhul, north of Hebron, during which IDF troops reported that shots were fired towards them and therefore responded with fire that did not cause any injuries and apprehended a suspect,” an army spokesperson said.

“From a preliminary investigation and searches at the scene it appears that no shots were fired towards the troops. The event will be investigated further.”

In a separate incident overnight, dozens of Arab rioters attacked Israeli security forces in Samaria, hurling rocks and shooting fireworks at IDF soldiers near the Arab village of Tammun.

“During the night in an IDF operational activity in the village of Tammun, a riot of approximately 50 Palestinians was instigated,” the army spokesperson said. “The Palestinians hurled rocks and set off fireworks towards IDF troops. The troops responded with riot dispersal means and live fire in order to scatter the riot.”

“During searches that were carried out by IDF troops in the Menashe Regional Brigade to locate illegal weapons, the troops confiscated two improvised weapons. The findings were transferred to security forces for further investigation.”

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