Israeli and Chinese flags
Israeli and Chinese flags Photo: Yoni Kempinski

The Trump Administration has contacted Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu to express concern over the growth of Israel's relations with China, Channel 2 News reported.

The concern comes as Chinese Vice President Wang Qishan is in Israel on an official visit to boost economic ties between the two countries.

At least three American officials have recently approached Israel to find out what kind of relations they have. The US and China are in the midst of a difficult trade dispute, and the US pressured Israel into pulling out of an arms deal with China in 2005.

Israel hastened to convey a reassuring message and made it clear to the Americans that the security issue was not at all on the agenda, and all the meetings on this visit would deal solely with the civilian and technological aspects - and with Israel's desire to capture a share of the huge market.

The Prime Minister's Office refused to comment on the report.