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The decision by B'Tselem CEO Haggai El-Ad to give an anti-Israel speech at the United Nations on Thursday spurred outrage towards the far-left group.

Prime Minister Netanyahu slammed B'Tselem as a "disgrace" and contended that the leftist group would be "remembered as a brief and fleeting episode in the history of our people".

"While our soldiers are preparing to defend Israel's security, the director-general of B'Tselem chooses to make a speech full of lies at the UN in an attempt to help Israel's enemies," tweeted Netanyahu. "The conduct of B'Tselem is a disgrace that will be remembered as a brief and fleeting episode in the history of our people."

Netanyahu's sentiments were echoed by Israel's UN Ambassador Danny Danon following El-Ad's address at the United Nations Security Council. "Shame on you. Shame on you, you collaborator" said Danon in Hebrew.

"Mr. El-Ad, you are a citizen of the State of Israel who serves our enemies. They use you against us. The IDF soldiers are guarding you and you are coming here to defame them."

According to Agricultural Minister Uri Ariel (Jewish Home), "the chief inciter is spreading lies on the stage of the UN Security Council. We didn't expect any more from you," said Ariel, who added that "incitement under the auspices of external anti-Semitic elements reinforces anti-Semitism throughout the world."

Communications Minister Ayoub Kara also tore into the group, which he likened to a "Hamas spokesperson" and called for the B'Tselem to outlawed for "cooperating with Israel's enemies and slandering us around the world".

During his address, El-Ad told the UN that "I am neither a traitor nor a hero. The heroes are the Palestinians who run their lives under these conditions".

"It's hard to explain what the Palestinians are going through under the occupation," alleged B'Tselem's director-general. "The real difficulty is to deal with the intolerance that is difficult every day."

"Almost two years of occupation have passed since the last time I spoke, and since then 370 Palestinians have been killed by Israeli security forces and 294 homes have been destroyed."

Amid the mounting outrage, El-Ad accused Danon of "hypocrisy" and likened him to PA President Mahmoud Abbas.

"Danny Danon accurately displays the depths of hypocrisy," tweeted El-Ad. " In English, Israel is a "democracy". In Hebrew without translation - low-brow incitement. "Democracy" as an image, a propaganda product for export purposes. How did Netanyahu say it? A disgrace."