The United Nations Security Council is meeting on Thursday to discuss the Middle East, with the participation of US Ambassador to the United Nations Nicky Hailey and Israel's ambassador to the United Nations Danny Danon.

During the discussion, the director of the extreme leftist organization B'Tselem, Haggai Elad, will speak to the opponents of Israel in the council who invited him to speak in the discussion as a representative of Israeli "civil society."

Ambassador Danon said today that "B'Tselem, which has already proved that it cooperates with Israel's enemies, is doing this with a country that called IDF soldiers 'murderers.' This is not only a shame and disgrace for the organization - it also crosses the red lines of foreign countries with an anti-Israeli agenda that finances it and invites it to give 'evidence' against us."

"In the discussion we will expose not only the incitement and lies of the Palestinians but also those of Haggai Elad and B'Tselem, and we will continue to defend Israel and the truth," added Danon.