From the exhibition
From the exhibitionArutz Sheva

Officers and soldiers who arrived in the past day to the Air Force headquarters at the Kirya base in Tel Aviv were surprised to discover an exhibition claiming there was "hard incitement" on the part of the right-wing camp before the assassination of Prime Minister Yitzhak Rabin.

The exhibition at the entrance to the air force building contains signs and statements from the demonstrations during the Oslo Accords led by the late Prime Minister: "Israel wants change," "What did you do today to topple the government?", "The people against Rabin," “Don’t betray,” "In blood and fire we will expel Rabin," as well as a picture of Rabin wearing a keffiyeh with the inscription "liar."

The introduction to the exhibition states that it seeks to present "the clear difference between the legitimate freedom of expression and the severe incitement there was then."

It is also said that the exhibition does not seek to "take a political stand," but one cannot help but be struck by the fact that the curators of the exhibition are trying to portray the right-wing camp as waging so-called “hard incitement" against Yitzhak Rabin.

An officer who was shocked by the exhibition told Arutz Sheva that the exhibition was hurting the feelings of many soldiers. "The presentation is meant to be non-political, but it is full of signs saying 'Israel wants change,'" he said.