MK Yaakov Asher
MK Yaakov AsherNoam Revkin Fenton/Flash90

The elections in Elad have reached the court, which is currently deliberating the legality of Degel Hatorah MK Yitzhak Pindrus' candidacy.

It is alleged that Pindrus does not live in Elad and is not eligible to represent city residents.

This claim, according to the petitioners, is based on findings of private investigators who followed him for four days, and argued that he spent three of those days mainly in Jerusalem, and therefore did not move his "center of life" to Elad as required by law.

In the wake of the court hearing, MK Yaakov Asher (Degel Hatorah) clarified that elections are decided by the public.

"Elections in Elad and Haifa are not decided in court, elections are decided by public ballot and it is the public who knows what's good for them. In my opinion, the court won't interfere with the elections," he said in an interview with Kol B'rama radio.

Asher also referred to the Draft Law and said: "The platform currently in place where every young man and student can sit and learn without fear is appropriate for us, and we'll make the necessary amendments to pass the law. I understand there's a desire by the Prime Minister and Defense Minister to carry out these reforms."