anger over Jewish Home campaign
anger over Jewish Home campaignscreenshot of Meretz Facebook page

The campaign of the Jewish Home list for the Ramle city council raises a storm and harsh reactions on the left.

As part of the campaign, posters were distributed on billboards throughout the city of Ramle, warning against mixed marriages between Arabs and Jews.

The ads include a picture of a hijab-clad woman with Sabbath candles and kiddush wine behind her. The caption reads, "Hundreds of cases of assimilation in Ramle and nobody cares, tomorrow it could be your daughter."

Following the publication of the campaign, the Meretz Party announced that it had submitted a petition to the Central Elections Committee demanding the removal of the campaign.

According to Meretz Chairman MK Tamar Zandberg, "the shameful campaign of the Jewish home in Ramle is an escalation of the spread of racism and hatred."

"It appears that on the right, the battle over who will be more radical and racist will not end soon," she added. "Therefore, today we submitted a request to the Elections Committee to end this madness and order the campaign to stop."

The Jewish Home Party said in response: "The party's position on assimilation is clear: The Jewish people must preserve its national character and preserve its tradition, religion, culture and heritage."